Vegan Taster Menu


Vegan Taster Menu


Harissa spiced hummus spreading plate.


Wild mushroom veloute with truffle oil and pistachios.

Pinot Noir Reseva, Chile


Crispy haggis bon bons, radish, pickled shallots and red onion marmalade.

Merlot, Los Espinos


Bang bang avocado salad with sweet chilli, lime and spicy peanut dressing.

Rioja Blanco, Barrel Fermented, Finca Manzanos,


Roasted ratatouille tart, olives Provencale, rocket and basil oil.

Cunning Plan Shiraz, Thistledown or Quigley’s Red Ale


Hot chocolate brownie, salted caramel and crème Anglaise.

Torrontés Tardio, Zuccardi, Mendoza/Argentina



£30.00pp/£55 with drinks flight.


So who would have thunk it… 4 years ago we had a request to devise a small vegan set menu for a regular customer’s birthday, who shared this on her fb page and boom! Here we are with full vegan a la carte, vegan Christmas, vegan Graduation, Mother’s Day etc menus and now we are delighted to announce the arrival of Glasgow first vegan taster menu. So why vegan menus? Well first and foremost the customer is demanding it, whether it is strict vegan, meat reducers or people transitioning we are only responding to our customers wishes. Secondly I was a private vegan chef for 5 years to Bryan Adams so I am experienced in the ins and outs of a vegan diet and hopefully we keep it interesting and varied. Now these vegan menus are on top of and as well as gluten free menus, dairy free menus, gluten free dairy free menus, gluten free vegan menus and our regular a la carte, pre theatre and lunch menus, oh and if you have a cat we can devise a menu for that too! Now we’re not showing off and this is not a huge marketing ploy, it’s what I call inclusive dining so there are never any ‘I’m the awkward vegan or gluten free customer’ who invariably are left with 1 or 2 choices as everyone has a menu and everyone is included. We are delighted to continue welcoming customers with any forms of dietary requirements and look forward to seeing you in Red Onion soon.

To reserve call us on 01412216000.
The taster menu can only be booked by phone 24 hours prior to your reservation.