Why was the bakers hand brown..?

Why was the bakers hand brown..?

I'll tell you the punch line later but first up a big shout and big big thank you to Justin Tunstall for his magnificent bread making class in the Birnham Inst on 25th June. Never has soooo much bread been made by so few for so many - I now have a freezer full till Christmas and a suspected yeast inection... Seriously tho, I am an amatuer baker by any standards so it was a delight to watch a craftsman at work;from dry mix to wet to neading - still got a strainded shoulder! - to proving, knocking back and baking. I swear that between myself and the 5 other jolly students we could have put on a respectable farmers market stall! My main objective was to get a grip on sourddough and the process of developing a starter culture, this was duly and clearly explained by Justin -he even gave us a wee tub to take home for the freezer - along with 1 white, 1 italian mixed, 1 oated wholemeal, 1 seeded wholemeal, 1 ciabatta, 1 hedgehog bread for fun, 1 soda bread, 1 sourdough, a recipe pack and 8 DOUGHNUTS! all in superb value in a stunning part of Scotland and fun to boot.

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Below is Justins sourdough  recipe give it a bash or better still give one of his classes a go.

Pain Au Leavin

Make 1 large loaf


80g strong wholemeal flour

300g strong white flour

20g wheat bran

170ml hand warm water

10g salt

20g honey

380gwheat sourdough starter


Add all ings to a bowl and mix well with a clean hand. Turn onto a clean surface and knead for 15 min - ooft. The dough should be elastic and firm to touch. Lightly coat a bowl with oil and pop the dough into it. Cover with clingfilm and leave in a warm place for 5/6 hours till doubled in size. Heat oven to highest temp . Turn loaf out onto a floured baking tray, sprinkle with flour and slash the top of the bread in a # fashion. Pop into oven and bake for 5 min, turn down oven to 200oC and bake for 50/55 min. Remove and cool.

Before commercial yeast became available, bakers would use a bubbling mixture of yeasts and bacteria (a leaven) to both aerate the crumb and give a sharper flavour to the wheat. You can make your own bread improver by creating a natural leaven: in a clean jar mix four teaspoons of wholemeal flour with four teaspoons of water, then add the same quantity of each every day for three days. After the initial three days, remove four-fifths of the mixture each day and replace with a half-and-half mixture of flour and water. Do this until the mixture bubbles and smells pleasantly sour. Then add 150g/5oz of this mixture to every 500g/1lb 2oz of flour in your recipe, adding yeast to help the loaf stay moist and give the crumb more flavour.

this guy struggled a bit...

Oh its because he kneaded a pooh..I know I know its bad