The pheasant pluckers ....

An informative day spent with a pheasant pluckers Braehead Food and Cookschool.

Its not everyday you get to spend  with a real life pheasant plucker but that's what I did today at the pleasure of Braehead Foods and Cook School. Braehead are a quality food supplier who I have had a happy 10 year working relationship with, they specialise in top end chocolate product, fine cheeses, charcuterie, specialist patisserie products, wild Scottish game-their specialist subject and much, much more. The game season is now in full swing and wild Duck, Woodpidgeon, Woodcock, Goose and Grouse are on menus across the country as well as less popular but none  the less tasty birds like Coot and Golden Plover. Experiencing the "from nature to the table" process was fascinating -not for the squeamish but for a chef its essential.


the pheasant plucker...actually its a Woodpidgeon the tasty end of the line for my Woodpidgeon friend.