Its Your Happy Burgerday

They come in many shapes and guises, some are fat and some are lean, some are thin and some are stupid cricket ball shapes which don’t fit in a bun never mind your mouth!, some are totally succulent hunks of deliciousness’ and most are sadly grim.

Way back in the day Genghis Khan and his marauding Golden Hordes would pack a liberal slice of mutton neath their saddles and duly go into battle, coincidently tenderising said mutton which would then be consumed raw-yes I have also been to that restaurant-with the spoils of their pillage…cokes, shakes, fries etc…Fortunately the All American Burger that we know and love has come a long way since Genghis last sat on it- via Hamburg - but has remained the same basic principle of ground, tenderised  and seasoned beef shaped into a big patty, grilled(ideally over char coal) and stuffed into a bun. The degree of thickness is paramount, since that ensures a crisp, charred outside and a juicy, rare, medium-rare or whatever-you-like inside, too thin and you will have a dry chewing an  ice hockey puck like experience.  

I find 8 oz (225 g) is a good adult portion and its all about the beef  which must must contain 20% fat for a full flavoured moist burger– sorry no SS or weight watchers need apply! Rump is a good cut for grinding as are blade or chuck.

Careful not to over mince the beef or this will result in a spongy sausage like texture. Please do not commit the cardinal sin of putting the noble beast in a focaccia, ciabatta or any other such pretender, a proper burger bun will only do! You will need 1lb or 440g of beef, rump, chuck or blade, salt and ground black pepper, a mixing bowl and a hot grill.

Cut the meat into chunks, put it into a food processor and blend until it looks like fine minced beef, put the meat into a bowl and season with salt and pepper and with a clean hand thoroughly knead the mince, form the mix into 2 patties, cover and chill in fridge for 1 hr. Cook the burgers over high heat on a Barbie, in a grill pan or under a hot grill for 3/4 min either side depending on how you like it and on the thicknes. Happy cookin!